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Are you an addict or an alcoholic who has tried to achieve sobriety once, twice or maybe even multiple times in the past without success? Perhaps Sober Housing in Delray Beach could offer you the assistance that you need. We have facilities that are designed to help maintain long term recovery and deal with many different addictions.


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If you tried out-patient rehabilitation in the past, then you very well know how easy it was to assure your doctors and counselors that you will not be leaving to find your drug of choice. You can make promises that you know you may not be able to keep. Once you arrive at home you will most likely find your same old friends encouraging you to go along with them.

Usually that is all it takes. If your friends are still addicts or alcoholics, then the chances of you joining them in their activities are great. Your environment plays a key role to the success of your sobriety. Although relapses do occur, sober housing facilities work to help you avoid this from happening.

Sober housing facilities are not to be confused with treatment centers. You must be clean and sober when making the decision to live in one of these facilities. If you are still using drugs or alcohol then you will need to have treatment first. Once a doctor or therapist feels that your treatment has been successful, only then may you move on to a sober housing facility. This will act as a safe environment for you to continue your therapy.

Sober housing facilities can help teach you how to regain your life back without the need for drugs and alcohol. You will normally enter into the program and first go through a transition period. You will normally be assigned living quarters with another recovering addict of the same sex. You may be assigned chores and will also be required to attend house meetings and 12-step meetings as well.

Counselors at these facilities will teach you how to cope with the stress and triggers that you will encounter when outside of the facility to help you avoid drugs or alcohol and stay sober. You can go to work or school from your new and safer living environment and come back home to a group of new friends that know what you are going through and can offer you advice and support. The aim is to help you build the confidence you need to enter back into the world and continue to live as a sober, contributing member of society.

If you are determined to start a new life for yourself then practicing your recovery skills in the real world. A sober housing facility may just be the answer that you have been seeking. With their support and guidance you may get your independence back and make the transition back to the real world without relapsing back to addiction. Go to the next Sober Housing Delray Beach page Sober Housing Information

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